DAML - The not so secret weapon

We've been quietly working with companies across the world to help them leapfrog their competition with a tool designed for the job. This month, we welcome SGX, BNP, Temasek, HSBC, oh, and the official blockchain network of China to the DAML ecosystem.

There's only one way to build distributed applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure and, with the help of our partners, now you don't have to worry about managing Corda Flows either. Focus on your business logic, pick the best infrastructure for your needs, and get to market first with DAML.


DAML Named the Exclusive Smart Contract Language for China’s BSN

One Smart Contract Language on the Belt and Road

The Blockchain Services Network is a major government-backed initiative to enable the easy deployment of, and interoperability between, multiple private and public blockchains. And now there's one way to write applications for them all: DAML, the exclusive smart contract language of the BSN.

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Enhancing Corda with DAML Smart Contracts

Unlock Corda without getting Locked In

Why would you write CorDapps when you can write FabricEthereumVMwareCorDapps? Write once, run anywhere comes to Corda with a new integration - supported by partners IntellectEU, DataArt and Chainstack.

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Digital Asset Expands DAML for Corda Integration Support with Chainstack

Chainstack joins a growing list of partners supporting DAML for Corda integration. The first phase, starting today, will see DAML being made available on Chainstack for Corda as an early access feature, with other protocols and platforms to be added over time, including Corda Enterprise and Hyperledger Fabric.

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Interoperability: More than a buzzword

“From day one, we were very driven by the vision that there needs to be a network of networks. If we build larger data silos, that’s not what we, as an industry, set out to build, but that is what’s happening.”

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SGX uses DAML to issue S$400 million worth of bonds

Working with HSBC Singapore and Temasek, SGX completes pilot digital bond for Olam International.

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BNP Paribas uses DAML for real time trade and settlement apps

The new apps will provide market participants in Asia with real time access to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX)’s anticipated DLT -based trading and settlement platforms.

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FintechFinance_virtual arena

Fintech Finance: Virtual Arena with Yuval Rooz

DA cofounder and CEO, Yuval Rooz, discusses the VMware partnership, digital transformation with blockchain… and by blockchain. They talk about interoperability between different blockchain platforms, distributed workflows and eliminating vendor/platform lock-ins. Just a few important topics for your business.

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Speaking of Yuval...

From Hedge Funds to Merkle Trees

Despite having been a tank commander, he never was one for authority. Learn more about his journey to founding Digital Asset, without waiting for permission.

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CBDCs and what you need to know

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The Tech Talks Daily Podcast: Meet the Creators of DAML

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Smart Contracts and Data Privacy in the Wake of COVID-19

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Unlocking New Investment Opportunities with Digital Assets

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Digital Asset @ VMworld

Distributed Ledger Panel Discussion
Greg Lavender, SVP & Chief Technology Officer, VMware

Brendon Howe, Vice President, Blockchain, VMware
Dan Chesterman, CIO, ASX
Horacio Barakat, VP, Corporate Strategy, Broadridge Financial Solutions
Yuval Rooz, Co-Founder and CEO, Digital Asset

Tuesday, Sep 295:00 PM - 5:25 PM EDT
Wednesday, Sep 303:00 AM - 3:25 AM EDT
Wednesday, Sep 309:00 AM - 9:25 AM EDT

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Digital Asset @ Sibos 2020

Dynamic market infrastructures in Asia Pacific: DLT from business case to reality

Bruno Campenon, Global Head of Financial Intermediaries and Corporates, BNP Paribas Securities Services (Moderator)
Peter Hiom, Deputy CEO, ASX 
Mark Wootton, Head of Custody Product, Australia and New Zealand, BNP Paribas Securities Services
Kelly Mathieson, Chief Client Experience Officer, Digital Asset

Video of session will to be available on October 6th at 3:30 ET

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Leveraging new tech in the securities industry, DLT and beyond: unique services, enhanced solutions

Luc Renard, Head of Financial Intermediaries Client Line & Digital Transformation, APAC, BNP Paribas Securities Services (Moderator)
Kelly Mathieson, Chief Client Experience Officer, Digital Asset
Barnaby Nelson, Chief Executive Officer, The Value Exchange
Gary O’Brien, Head of Clearing and Custody Product, Asia Pacific, BNP Paribas Securities Services

Video of session will to be available on October 6th at 3:30 ET

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Digital Asset Open House 

Hello Experts

Do you have questions about Digital Asset and DAML? Starting on Thursday, October 29th, 2020 at 12:00 PM EST, Digital Asset will kick off a monthly information series with our Sales team to address your business needs directly.

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Smart Contracts, COVID-19 & Verifiable Credentials

This is a co-hosted webinar with Rethink Ledgers and Trinsic about a new DAM-built application that can help with Covid-19 tracking processes.

An Introduction to DAML, project:DABL, and Modeling Financial Flows

Check out DAML in action at the GBBC's Members Forum event

Streamlined Proxy Voting & Simplified RegulatoryReporting using DLT

This is a co-hosted webinar with IntellectEU about using DAML on Corda for proxy voting.

Re-imagining Data Supply Chains in the Enterprise

This is a co-hosted webinar with One Creation to discuss how companies can get the ability to control, track and monetize their data at scale

Introducing the Global Architecture for Digital Identity

This webinar, organized by Goode Intelligence, introduces the Global Architecture for Digital Identity (GADI), the Global Trusted Platform of the DID (Decentralized Identity) Alliance. Panelists discussed why we need a new method to add trust and accountability into digital identity.

Supervised Disruption: US Regulators Grapple with Cryptoassets

This panel is part of the FinTECH Talents North America virtual event. The session features Digital Asset speaking alongside other industry experts, sharing insights about how recent US regulatory and enforcement developments shaping the global digital asset industry.